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When looking at hosting your website you have to think about your requirements. If it is a simple website then you can get away with something like BLueHost or one of the other discount host providers. If you require more such as https, MySql or SqlServer databases or in cases where you are using a CMS you may need to have your own Virtual Machine.

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Creating a new Google Chrome Extension is not difficult. This article shows you how to create a very simple one in 10 minutes flat.

Once you have a simple one written then you can extend it perform other actions simply by interacting with your page. This simple thing could help you automate a lot of mundane tasks you do daily without the need for API programming.
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Please note that for more advanced extensions that we may refer you to a paid mentor. For simpler extensions or popular issues we may be able to assist directly.
This stackexchange article provides an answer on how to Get the Html Source from the current page via your Google Chrome Extension. The key thing to note is the permissions as this is asking for more than you did in the simple sample. Also note that some websites may block this functionality.